Holder family

Our Story

A Night To Remember was birthed in the heart of our founder, Crystal Holder, while she was volunteering with her local foster parent association.  A case worker contacted her to ask for assistance for a child hoping to participate in his school's overnight field trip.  At the time her niece was saving for the same field trip so Crystal was well aware of the large financial commitment.  The foster mom had been able to set aside half of the funds but needed help with the last half.  After getting the funding together for this child she began to consider how many other kids in the foster care system were missing out on these types of experiences.  Soon after this, Crystal and her husband were able to finalize the adoption of their son whom they had been fostering.  


In 2012 Crystal and her husband gave birth to their second son.  He was born with Down Syndrome and a complicated Congenital Heart Defect. It didn't take long before their family was making connections with many other families affected by disabilities and medical complexities.  Soon, it was obvious that many of these families lived with similar financial constraints as the foster families.  With a heart for the children and families in both situations A Night To Remember was born.  


On September 28, 2016 ANTR was officially approved as a 501(c)3 with the IRS.  This day holds special significance for the Holder family as September 28th is also the anniversary of their son's adoption day.