A Night To Remember exists to create memorable experiences that would otherwise be unattainable for children with special needs or living in the foster care system.

A Night To Remember has been serving children in South Carolina since 2016. Founded by Crystal Holder, ANTR provides scholarships for community activities such as dance classes, sports, and swimming lessons. We have also provided graduation supplies, prom dresses, birthday parties, and field trip expenses for students living in the foster care system. Through partnerships with other organizations, we have offered free camp experiences for children in foster care and recreational activities for children with special needs. As of December 2021, more than 2,500 children have been served by ANTR.

Our Story

In 2008, the Holder family began the journey of foster care and adoption. Through their experience, they learned that many children in the foster care system miss opportunities to participate in typical childhood events and activities like school field trips and extracurricular activities.

In 2012, the Holder family grew again with the birth of their son with Down syndrome. After a long NICU stay, he came home and they began to journey of parenting a medically complex child with special needs.

They soon discovered that children with special needs often miss many of the same opportunities as children in foster care.

ANTR was born out of the desire to provide memorable POSITIVE childhood experiences for these children and the belief that every child deserves a night to remember!

In honor of the Holder boys, ANTR provides care packages for foster children referred to as Reese Bags, and hospital care packages for families of children with Down syndrome referred to as Brinkley Bags.